Max Polyakov: A Cook Who Became the Most Admired Chef at Eos Restaurant

Max Polyakov: A Cook Who Became the Most Admired Chef at Eos Restaurant

Becoming an excellent chef entails working for so long and the competition is high but the reward is quite fulfilling. Max Polyakov got to understand how to cook a variety of foods, manage the kitchen and even manage a hotel.

How Max Polyakov became an exceptional cook

Starting to cook

Max Polyakov began his cooking career at a hash house. He learnt so much from various cooks and was capable of determining the type of cooking which suits him.

What he did to become the best cook:

Dedication: He was determined and committed to becoming an exceptional chef.

Training: He went for classes at a culinary school. He was taught different aspects of being a chef.

Patience: Max Polyakov never to give up on his desire to become an exceptional cook no matter what. Even when he made a mistake, he never felt discouraged. Instead, he looked for ways to avoid those mistakes which made him better each time.

Leadership skills: Besides knowing how to cook, Max Polyakov knew how to manage others. This helped him make sure that he and his fellow cooks worked as a team.

Internship and securing a job

After finishing his course at the culinary school, Max Polyakov additionally ensured to get a certification. Acquiring a certification in his specialization differentiated him from other applicants when it came to getting an internship and even when applying for a permanent job.

Max Polyakov got an internship. During his internship, he was able to learn more cooking skills and he gained the experience needed to work in the best restaurants.

After his internship, he secured a job at EOS restaurant.

Chef duties

Max Polyakov learned ways to cook the best meals at EOS restaurant. He was always confident to ask anytime he wasn’t sure about something. This helped him to acquire more knowledge and more admiration from the owner of EOS restaurant who promoted him to become the top chef.

Max even ensured to remain up to date with the current culinary trends. He could even go to eat at the highly distinguished restaurants where he could meet other individuals in the culinary industry and learn something new from them.

Max’s other roles included preparing recipes, writing menus, managing customers, checking hygiene standards and many more.


Max Polyakov as an exceptional cook influenced the culinary industry so much and working at EOS restaurant is always very fulfilling for him.

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