Chef Max Polyakov Managed to Become an Outstanding Cook at EOS Restaurant

Chef Max Polyakov Managed to Become an Outstanding Cook at EOS Restaurant

Chef Max Polyakov loved cooking a lot and he wanted to make it his profession by becoming the most outstanding cook that ever existed. The journey of becoming a chef was never simple. It entailed many hours of working, high competition and physical labor, however, the reward was worth it because he learned how to prepare nice dishes and oversee a kitchen. He also eventually learned how to oversee a restaurant after he was hired to work at EOS restaurant.

a) Things needed to become an accomplished chef


Being driven, eager and committed is what is required to succeed in a competitive field. These days, it is difficult to get dedicated cooks since young people desire to be like the chefs they watch on TV.

How Max Polyakov Became an Accomplished Chef

A lot of individuals assume that becoming a chef is simple but the actuality is the exact opposite. Becoming a chef is difficult and very demanding both inwardly and physically. This simply implies that if you do not enjoy cooking, there is no reason to become a cook. The job entails long hours and this is why the person must be committed and passionate about the craft, just like Max Polyakov was.

Creativity is also necessary if you intend to be an accomplished chef. You must possess the passion for coming up with unique recipes and never be afraid to test unique flavors and ingredients. Your passion should be the one which inspires you and you must strive to become perfect.

2. Training

One requires education to succeed as a cook. Education offers basic skills and it can additionally enable you to adapt in various working environments. Max Polyakov learned it on his way to becoming a professional. Training can be done at a hotel or at a culinary institution. But it is good to be taught at an institution because training at a hotel may limit one to the single teacher.

Additionally, training at an institution can show one various aspect of becoming a cook. One will be able to study the fundamentals and the guidelines which lead to the final outcome. It will also be easier to secure a good job if you receive training from a distinguished culinary institution.

3. Patience

Patience is a must in most areas of expertise. As a chef, you definitely need patience in order to avoid giving up before you make it. Max Polyakov wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for his endless patience. Newbies are likely to make many mistakes but that should never discourage you. You should instead learn from your mistakes which will make you do better next time.

Also, time is needed to understand the various requirements necessary to become an accomplished cook. You will require patience if you really desire to succeed. It might take a lot of your time but the final outcome is worth it.

It is additionally recommended to set your target. Look for inspiration in Max Polyakov and his determination. This will enable you to know the things you require to do in order to reach where you want. As a cook, you must also approach things as a challenge and you must feel the desire to perform better each time.

Even after becoming an accomplished cook and getting a satisfying job, you need to continue learning. Do not assume that you have mastered everything you need as a cook since you will always be growing and evolving. Max Polyakov has decades of experience and he still keeps learning new trends in his profession every day.

4. Leadership skills

Besides knowing how to cook, a cook must be capable of managing others. Management ensures that work runs smoothly. A cook additionally needs to ensure that their workmates work as part of the team to have the food ready on time.

b) How Max started to cook

Max Polyakov started by working as a simple cook at a hash house

While working as a cook, he got exposure to an environment that he chose to embark upon. There were other cooks in that house who he could learn from because there were things they could do that he never knew about. This was his first cooking job and just like in every other kind of job, the experience was not that prestigious. However, it was a nice place to begin

He practiced various types of cooking and he was ready to reproduce his knowledge

When cooking at his house, Max Polyakov used to do it at his own pace. But when cooking at the hash house, he had to improve his pace to the circumstances. Basically, he was giving a certain quantity of output in a sufficient length of time.

Max Polyakov learned to be comfortable with cooking items and he was ready for injuries which are obviously expected while working using knives and other sharp kitchen tools.

After working as a simple cook at a hash house for some time, Max Polyakov was able to determine the kind of cooking that suited him. This enabled him to know where he would look for education and experience in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an outstanding chef.

Max Polyakov was passionate about culinary arts

To become a chef, one needs the dedication to become excellent at cooking. A person also needs to be obsessed with trends and new flavors and they must be aware of their competitors.

Being a dedicated person, Max Polyakov made an effort to visit various restaurants in order to see how they operated. He paid attention to the duties performed by the restaurant staff and how they joined efforts to make the business run smoothly.

Besides that, Max Polyakov also took some time to read restaurant reviews, profiles of distinguished chefs, cooking magazines, and other articles that contained anything to do with culinary arts. This enabled him to acquire a proper understanding of what he needed to be an outstanding chef.

с) Culinary arts knowledge

Enrolling for culinary arts studies

Max Polyakov started attending cooking classes. Getting the cooking knowledge is what would enable him to get hired in a distinguished restaurant like EOS.

Most cooking programs provide detailed knowledge in sanitary cooking methods, pastry making, butchery, nutrition, etc.

Max Polyakov also enrolled for courses which offer classes in management, business, human resources, and other fields that relate to leadership. The knowledge acquired from such courses put him in a good position to run his restaurant.

2. Internship

Some of the programs that Max Polyakov attended had relationships with restaurants and they offered internships to learners. So, it was easy for him to find an internship opportunity where he continued to learn new skills while he gained experience.

3. Getting certified

Getting a certification in areas of specialization such as pastry making differentiates one from other cooks when it comes to applying for a job. So, Max Polyakov made sure to get a certification in his area of specialization.

d) Becoming a chef

1. Job application

Now that he was educated and had experience, Max Polyakov started looking for a job. He sent his resume to all restaurants that appealed to him. He even used the connections he had made while in school to try and secure a job quickly. His connections actually got him a job at EOS, a very distinguished restaurant.

The process of securing a job at such a restaurant entailed working for free for a day. This was to show the employer what he was capable of doing. Out of the many cooks who had applied for a job at the restaurant, Max Polyakov was the only one who stood out. He really impressed the interviewers and they did not hesitate to hire him as their new chef.

2. Starting from the bottom

Even if he had already been hired, Max Polyakov knew very well that to become an outstanding chef he must be patient at his work. He already had the necessary education but he still kept learning from his workmates.

He knew that his culinary school education and having a job would not automatically make him a successful chef. He needed to learn how to prepare a decent meal and he also needed to have other skills such as leadership to make it to the top. Some such skills need to be picked up and other need to come from within a person.

Additionally, Max was never afraid to ask whenever there was something that he was not sure of, and it made him gain more experience and great admiration from his employer.

Max Polyakov also kept himself abreast of the recent food trends. At times, he went to eat at other big restaurants in order to meet new people who were in the cooking business.

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e) His other duties as the best chef

Creating recipes

Max was responsible for coming up with new recipes. This requires experimenting for some time.

Planning a menu

It is not easy for customers to pick a dish from a big list of many dishes but deciding what dishes a restaurant will offer is what is even more difficult. The duty of Max Polyakov was to check how each dish performed and review all dishes as a part of the entire menu.

Managing customers

The best business strategy ever is satisfied customers. This applies to any kind of business in this world. These days, chefs do not lock themselves up in the kitchen. They are required to interact with the people who eat the food they have prepared. Max Polyakov would interact with customers in order to get their feedback about the food. He was also required to handle customer complaints regarding the quality of food.

Teaching others

As the most outstanding chef at EOS, Max Polyakov was seen as the most experienced regarding everything that happened in the restaurant. So, one of his major duties was to teach other employees in the kitchen. This ensured that everything in the restaurant was performed properly.

Managing inventory

It was his duty to determine the equipment and ingredients to purchase. In that regard, he additionally controlled the budget and maintained correct records to show the EOS restaurant manager.

Controlling quality

chef's Max Polyakov luxury EOS restaurant

He made sure that the food which EOS restaurant offered was of good quality. He inspected how fresh the ingredients were and he monitored sanitation and cleanliness at the cooking room. His another duty under quality control was maintaining time. He ensured that the customers were served on time.

Checking safety standards

Max Polyakov strictly adhered to the cooking safety standards and ensured that all employees maintained them as well. He additionally monitored how the kitchen tools functioned in order to prevent injury incidents.

Working with the department of purchasing

Max Polyakov was also responsible for the acquiring of the needed services and goods for EOS kitchen administration.

Monitoring the standards of hygiene

The major thing that can make a food joint successful is hygiene. It was Max’s duty to ensure that the kitchen staff was well groomed and that the hygiene standards were met.


As a head chef, Max Polyakov has a great influence in the culinary business. Even though his duties are limited to the position he holds in the hierarchy, he has the knowledge to handle the duties of his supervisors. He can also handle the duties of those below him in rank. Being a chef is actually one of the most reliable jobs. This is because even during hard economic times, the cooking industry will remain on demand because the food is a basic need. And even though it needs a lot of responsibility, working at EOS restaurant has been a highly fulfilling job for the head chef Max Polyakov.